Now representing Nick Sethi

After growing up in Florida, Nick Sethi’s family moved to India, the birthplace of both his parents, for his senior year of high school. It was in India that Sethi began photographing as away to connect with the new people and places surrounding him, exploring ways to break the language and cultural barriers he was confronted with as a 17-year-old. Starting with these experiences in India, Sethi set out on a life-long photographic project.

Throughout his work, Sethi employs his empathetic practice of exploration and connection through photography. He immerses himself with his subjects and surroundings, surveying complexity with rawness and beauty while brilliantly capturing the immensity of the human spirit. His work, both inside India and out, touches upon many facets of the lives and environments he explores, including identity, gender, sexuality, friendship, love, movement, adornment, technology, religion and celebration.

In 2013, Dashwood Books released Sethi’s first book Pul Ke Niche, and then in 2018 went on to publish Sethi’s first major monograph titled Khichdi (Kitchari). The book is comprised of over 800 photographs taken over the span of a decade and illustrates Sethi’s India using a variety of layouts, collage and production techniques. An honest, visceral and inspired depiction of the moments and lives Sethi has connected with, the book also serves as a foundation for the themes he continues to explore through photography, as well as other mediums.

Sethi has contributed to many publications including Another, Dazed, Garage, Office, Kaleidoscope, Modern Weekly and Vice. His commercial clients include Louis Vuitton, Hood By Air, Uniqlo, Alexander Wang, Nike and Retrosuperfuture.