Ryan McNamara's show 'The Consolations' opens November 6 at Company Gallery

Ryan McNamara's newest show, 'The Consolations', opens November 6 at Company Gallery.

November 6-14, noon-6pm, no appointment necessary
If you can't make it in person, schedule a virtual visit by emailing

Company Gallery
88 Eldridge Street

To be sad is to be in sync with humanity. I can’t think of anything worse than quoting Nietzsche in a press release in 2020, so I’ll paraphrase: The truth of life cuts so deep that we need art as a salve. I’ve been an artist for decades, but I’m only now beginning to believe in those words. Quarantine made my regular modes of expression unfeasible, so I began to draw, on paper, the invasive yet welcome images that sneak into my head. Come visit me in the gallery so we can make meaning and decipher these alien drawings and share the consolations I’ve discovered. I’ll be there every day of the exhibition. I’ve missed seeing you.